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The milk produced by our goats during the milking period is transformed in a small dairy where we make different types of cheeses. We process raw milk in order to preserve all its nutritional properties and the organoleptic characteristics. We make a lactic coagulation process to produce soft fresh goat cheese and Soft-ripened cheeses with Penicillum mold rind and a rennet coagulation to produce different types of semi-soft cheeses,medium-hard cheeses and soft ripened cheeses.


Fresh goat cheese

Raw milk fresh goat cheese. Made with lactic coagulation according to the French tradition. Very creamy and smooth texture. The flavor is acidic and aromatic.

crosta fiorita

Raw milk goat cheese. Made with lactic coagulation and ages for a minimum of 15 days. The edible crust is withe and wrinkled due to the flowering of the Geotricum Candidum mold. The texture slitely  pinestriped in the centre and creamy in the undercrust. Intense flavor with spicy notes.


lo stracchinato

Raw milk fresch goat cheese. Made with a rennet  coagulation . Very creamy texture and slitely acidic flavor, similar to stracchino cheese,

toma semistagionata

Raw milk goat cheese. Rennet coagulation. Soft and compact paste. Sweet and delicate flavor. Aged for a minimum  of 30 days.



Raw milk goat cheese. Made with a rennet cogulation similar to the Camembert method. The white edible crust is due to the flowering of the Penicillum Candium mold. The paste is soft and creamy in the undercrust, Intense flavor with bitter notes.

toma a crosta fiorita

Raw milk goat cheese, Made with rennet coagulation . White and wrinkled crust due to the Geotrcum Candidum and Penicillum Candidum mold . Pinestriped texture with a creamy undercrust. Very intense flavor .

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