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Apicorno was born in the autumn of 2015 from a few initial bricks: a dozen beehives and four  goats, but above all from the desire to give life to a sustainable agricultural project, which was as much in tune as possible with the rhythms of the earth and respectful of its biodiversity.

From the beginning, the heart of our business has been the attempt to build a respectful and loving relationship towards our animals while being aware that every form of productive breeding is full of contradictions that we try to face every day with affection and dedication.

In 2018, after the first deliveries and the arrival of the first milk, we started producing cheese in a small dairy a few kilometers from the stable. There we transform all our milk to produce various types of cheese, from fresh goat cheese (robiola) to be consumed a few days after preparation, to tome which is aged for several months. Finally, the agricamping project was born in 2020, with the aim of promoting a type of tourism linked to nature and curious to get to know our farm activities. Today the company has a flock of around 40 Chamois Alpine goats, around fifty beehives and the campsite, which hosts tents and vans from April to November.  The honey produced by the bees and the cheese are packaged and sold both on the farm and at local markets.

From 2024 we have here at Apicorno a new wonderfull team, Marta Celeste e Sofia are taking care every day  of the animals, the cheese making and the camping, while Pietro is mainly managing the bee hives. Mattia is tourist and hiking guide who is collaborating with us, organizing tours, hikings and yoga retreats here at the farm. 



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