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Nice to meet you!

We are Marta and Pietro, and  in autumn of 2015 we pulled together our strength and our beehives with the aim to  build up our project of sustainable agriculture.

We strongly believe in a fully sustainable agricolture, far from the indiscriminate exploitation of land and animals, typical of industrial farming; we do not have the certification yet, but we work everyday following the key principles of organic and agroecological farming.

We grow a little olive tree field and a vegetable garden, mainly for our own sustenance and as our farm core business we breed Camosciata Alpina for milk and cheese production, and we tend more or less seventy bee hives for honey.  
From 2019, we also opened a farm camping,  inspired by the desire to open to people our reality. We want to promote in our region an enviromental friendly tourism, moved by the genuine curiosity to discover the treasures and the animals our land hosts and cherishes.

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