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our goats

The herd is still growing, but at the moment it counts 17 goats, Camosciate delle Alpi. In the breeding management we follow agroecologic  practices: focusing our effort to maintain the balance between the animals needs and the fertility of the soil. Those practices see also a minimum level of energy coming from external environment.

We care about our herd health and on a daily basis we try to respect as much as we can the goats natural lifestyle, concerning their habits and ethology.

Most part of the feeding supply comes from the pasture: the goats graze almost on the the whole surface of our estate which is the best way to keep them healty, to have a rich and tasty milk and to use the natural resources we have access to.

Furthermore, in order to allow the herd to get a longer period of grazing during the year, we practice a rotation system for the pastures; moving the herd around different areas of the estate and keeping control on how long they spend on it.

The kids spend with their mothers two months, longer than usual, so they get all the nutritional element from their mothers and they can build with them a bond, wich is too often denied in bigger livestock farms.

We decided to work this way, even if it means a significant loss of milk, because we are inspired not only by econominc and agronomic considerations but also by the deep love and gratitude e owe to our animals.

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