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where we are

Our farm camping is located in the Chianti hills, in between Firenze and Siena, where vines and olives trees alternates their presence with woods and ancient villages.

Its position between two of the most iconic cities of Tuscany gives to this territory a tormented history,  but also rich and fully to discover.

Indeed, the rivalry between the factions of Guelfi from Firenze and Ghibellini from Siena, has deeply influenced this area, promoting the development of the first boroughs and castles that today represent a great cultural heritage.

Nevertheless, our Via Francigena, that in the Middle Ages was the connection from Canterbury and the whole Western Europe to Rome, has been stepped by pilgrims and travellers for centuries, who have left on those roads their experiences and stories.
Today the Chianti area is well known for the Chianti Classico wine, but despite its worldwide fame it has mostly mantained the charming landscape and the uncontaminated soul of the old days. The farmstead,  the vines and the olives trees together with the woods of oaks and hornbeams define a land where the human hand has been able to shape the territory and interact with the nature without disturbing its own balance.

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